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bonjour, konnichiha, sawatdee kaa, 你好, vanakkam, hola, guten tag, shalom, hello :)
This isn't a french blog or anything, despite the huge above word.

happy exploring if you came to this url to see crystabelle's blog! ♥
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Sunday, May 9, 2010 12:14 PM
officially moving my blog to wordpress.
i've no idea why i did what i did haha, but


bye blogger :D
Saturday, May 8, 2010 11:47 AM
just grew my green beans at 11.15am.
hopefully they'll grow really long by thursday :)

happy :D

grew 23 more beans at 12.15pm.
put it under less sunlight than the first batch, and no cotton wool :)
ytd vs today
Friday, May 7, 2010 9:42 PM
today was a great day haha.
i luvvvvvvvvvvvv fridays. ;D
today was so much better than ytd yay.

yesterday was quite bad :/
started off with a rocky start.
i missed the bus cus my sister was late to get into my dad's car to go serangoon station ):
then after i alighted at serangoon station to wait for 158, my dad smsed me "bus was at traffic light", i think the traffic light which is about 10m away from the bus stop only D:
and then i reached school later by 20min. D:
(un)effectively joined in patrol corner like for the last 10%. -.-

din get to sleep in 158 cos i was chionging the dumb da gang (outline) for gonghan, which was for chinese lesson in the first period -.-
and chinese lesson came, in the end we din even like discuss the da gang or anything, and there was no tingxie (which luckily i din study for). but there was like timed gonghan D:
i wrote the gonghan in baozhangbaodao format. then i was write finish to the end then i realised, eh why my gonghan so long one. then i go off-topic and mention abt zhengfu when im writing letter to some publishing company -.- zzz.
crazyness. damn fail gonghan, sigh

was super irritated and snapped at my tablemate. oops D:
got back physics test though, must say i'm really blessed to receive A twice in a row for physics test which i din even study much for o: but have to buck up for electricity topics, lost the most marks there o:
had maths pop. yay.

thankfully the day ended off great with LG :DDDDD
LG was only 4 ppl at first, cos the 11 others couldnt make it on time o.o
but we had a great LG anyway.
retarded LG clap whoo ;D
damn fun, haha.
poor ruoting and cherisse kena GL-ed to no end ;D
wahahahahahahhaa ;)


today is such a great day haha. did i alr say that? hmm.
fridays are great days.
i look forward to fridays every week :D
the day started off with a Morning With Celeste (TM)!
shocking revelation about mrfreaky hahahaha.
turns out i anyhow husiluanxiang, think too much into it or smth.

celeste you're a deliverer of good news haha.
though im still curious how is that event gonna have 'direct relation' to me o.O

chi lesson was 1st period again!
quite slack leh haha.
discussed gonghan (honglan marks damn super fast, idk how!) and she commented on gonghan o: she alr marked half the class papers. how pro is that haha.
our LA journals on the other hand come back like after one month.
but in the end we din have tingxie haha. and this time i studied o:

crazy 2h maths lessons today.
but i shockingly enjoy differentiation! :D
i love differentiating. though i see no point in it, it's not like im gonna be some great mathematician or physicist in future.
i think it's got to do with the fact that i actually KNOW how to do this topic and can catch up with the teacher thanks to my tuition classes. yay.
just that, diff test is on tuesday, and my math tuition classes are on tuesday nights ):

bio was epic HAHA.
we watched the video on flowers and pollination.
it's really cool + i like flowers.
i wanna ace for this topic 8)
and they have chim cool terms too! like gynaecium. i like chim terms haha.

uber cool video haha.
esp. the part about ORCHIDS!
i sat up straighter when i heard the name haha.
turns out, in reality the flower orchids are quite gross LOL.
just abit of facts for yall out there:

some orchids are STICKY.
some orchids produce some kinda slippery oil which male bees need to attract their mates, and the bees slip on the oil to land in this sticky substance which makes it struggle and leave its pollen with the bees. (how deceptive!)
and, the grossest of all, some orchids SEDUCE pollinators like bees into carrying its pollen away O_O
i was super O_O when i heard that hahahaha.
uber epic when they showed the part about orchids having this structure to trick bees into thinking the structure were females; like furry and blue to look like some beetle/bee. then the male bee tries to mate with the furry blue decoy and ends up brushing pollen on its back or neck or whatever o.O

the funniest of it all was the orchid with the small structure that looks like a female wasp haha.
it REALLY looks like a female wasp, black furry and one small oval one bigger oval which makes it look like head and abdomen o:
for the species of wasp, normally the female goes to the top of the orchid and releases some male-attracting perfume. and the male comes and carries her away and mates mid air ROFL.
then the orchid super gross lol, emit the same smell. then when the male wasp try to carry off the 'wasp' then cmi HAHAHAHAHA. then superrrrr funny cos the male wasp kept going forward, backward, forward, backward cos of its momentum. then still cannot cos the 'wasp' stuck to the orchid HAHA. anw this is so that it will knock the pollen off the orchid during this process rofl.

i think i am quite disgusted by orchids now HAHA. seduce bees -.-
okay but i still like my patrol. heh. orchidites are nicer than orchids :)

followed bio tr to bio lab to collect beans for some growing competition haha.
then i had to give out to the class -.-
and it being a friday, means everyone chiongs out the moment we greet tr, where got time to give out o.o
i tried to assort out the beans like 6 for everyone during chem lesson (after bio) and got caught by the chem tr LOL.
"Why are you sorting out the beans now? Very free issit?"
(in my head, "yes im very free now cos i copied your ppt slides faster just to count beans" but of cos i din say im very free. later she give me extra assg to do how)

had guides after sch today :D
that makes up 80% of my cravings for fridays haha.
i guess the other 20% goes into fridays meaning no-homeworkdoing. :D
i think it's our 5th last jihe o:

had structure building and PT (yay!).
P2 year 2s (if any of yall read my blog or anything), good jobbbbbb :)))
yall were very enthu and seh today!
kitchen dresser and baggage rack were done really good for year2s haha we're proud of yall.

Thank God for such passionate year2s and nice year1s haha.
somehow the year 2s remind me of... me o.O
enthu like siao during year1 and year2 haha O_O

PT was fun haha.
sang and pumped to the 'B's of 'my Bonnie lies over the ocean' :)
the funnest part:
"Bring, Back, oh Bring, Back, oh Bring Back my Bonnie to me, to me, Bring, Back, oh Bring, Back, oh Bring Back my Bonnie to me"
pump until panting haha.
nv pump that fast for quite long alr. betting on muscle aches tmr o:

year2s cheered alot.
actually i think recent batches of guides cheer alot in general, hmm
you3 zeng1 jia1 de4 qu1 xian4! :)
i like cheering haha.
singing patrol songs makes me breakvoice -.- okay im not a guy but i srsly go offkey and it sounds terrible i think.

had a rather different patrol corner today. but twas cool haha.

went for dinner @ kfc with yiting, mich, cherisse, xintian, sweeyee :)
i love dinners with 41st batch! (L) ^^
Wednesday, May 5, 2010 8:47 PM
today ended off rather well :D
how to say, abit drama at the start. but a nice ending :)
(i love beautiful endings!)
went to sch in 158 and somehow the chinese relief tr from ytd sat next to me o.O
i dont know when she did and how she did w/o me realising till she suddenly tapped me and asked me about chinese lesson haha.
talked quite a lot.
surprisingly i find her quite okay o.O
probably my 'oldest'... friend(?) now haha.

she told me she used to be from 4H and her form tr was ms tjf O_O
i was like OMG when she said it LOL.
haha (suay)
but then she went on and said ms tjf was actually quite nice, even though most classes think she doesnt like their class o:
i think she's abit of the goody-two-shoes-100%-morally-upright kind of person o:
she said she got quite upset ytd when she saw a lot of ppl (including me) din do the chinese ws that honglan gave us, cos she personally witnessed helaoshi setting the ws so passionately and putting in so much effort, and we din even bother to look at it o:
(got me feeling quite guilty, but i have to admit it's rather true and most students don't appreciate their teachers' passion in teaching and treat their worksheets for granted)

went to the canteen (ooh rare)
and uh, shall not elaborate o:
thanks yiting & mich for being there and cherisse :)

ace was a joke.
sorry mrs tan but the lecturer was simply too... unengaging
and we have these kind of lecturers almost every week D:
i want the scramble-like-mad-and-cheer-for-our-class-vivian kinda ace lessons! :D

some freaky stuff happened today.
okay, minorly freaky.
but still o:

oh and we're going into diff. of trigo functions tmr D:
thou shalt conquer it. :)
with lots of hard work of course haha.


pw meeting online now.
okay, now's 9.17. technically supposed to start work 1 h and 17 mins earlier but everyone's doing their own stuff :/
very scared sunday not enough to chiong or smth.
i hate chionging stuff, what if some last minute crap proj comes up? D:

sidetracked on the convo:

HUIWEN says:
*i still have my BSP 20000 word chi essay to write
*my chem

crystabelle says:
*as in npcc testimonial for sook
*lol your chem take so long to file o.O i finished chem ws alr
*omg how can bsp 20k word
*obscene number of words

HUIWEN says:
*sorry extra 0
crystabelle says:

damn LOL. i will just go keesiao if i were to submit a 20000 word chinese essay.
2000 words alr struggle like mad @.@

looking forward to LG tmr! :)

oh and happy birthday xin rui :D
deadtired ):
Tuesday, May 4, 2010 5:17 PM
im kinda stuck in a dilemma,
i miss being at the canteen table but yet _______________________________
zzz. think i cant really be called a 'regular customer' anymore.
anw ive got homework to consider too ):


ytd night was a really bad night. ):
i went to bed at 12.30am and couldnt sleep DDDDD:
got out of bed to go toilet, and came back down at O_O-ed at the clock which read 4.50am.
bet it's got something to do with my body clock which went haywire during huiwen's overnight movie marathon with jingren and sookwei on friday @.@

forced myself to sleep for the remaining 1h.
anyway i had a nice dream, so wtv haha.
i cant rmb much. just vaguely that my dream involved xintian sweeyee eileen o.O (and it was a sweet dream dont worry)

went to sch and called celeste cus i had nothing to do before sch started :)
turned out she was at zhengxinyuan and had been spending her mornings there for idk-how-long for the conducive environment :D
it's really nice getting in touch with nature once in a while i guess, like some fresh air goes a long way into making dunmanians sane again :)

i like Mornings With Celeste.
haha it's like Tuesdays with Morrie.
Mornings with Celeste. (Y)
there are a gazillion things i wanna tell her/ask her more~

talked non-stop and then went back to class to get chem prac stuff D:
her huge blog wars stuff is really affecting her a lot, it practically scares her till she's too afraid to enter class to face the politics ):
school shouldn't be like that.

chem prac wasn't as horrendous as i imagined it to be (yay!).
actually all the questions weren't that hard just have to copycopycopy from the notes she gave us :)
PE was napfa. gah.
i am super duper tired from napfa 2.4
was sick the other time and din come sch then drag till now
but at least i got a good score yay :D even though i am very much having leg cramps and whatnot now arghz.
B, 14:58 :D :D :D
first time that i ran before 15minutes haha.

i thought that it was >15:15 to get C so i tried very hard to get a timing faster than that o.o
then my last round i was like shit cmi alr after seeing the watch "13:00"
chiong arh~
last round pumped up my legs could feel the adrenaline whoo.
of course, when i got the chip i squatted down and nearly died there -.-
i hate that nauseous-giddy-internalheat-wannadie feeling after 2.4.
it really sucks -.-
and then i found out later, 14:10-15:10 was B and 15:10-16:10 was C :))))

got 15th place, and sharon who ran with me got 11th place. yay achievement haha.
i think she motivated me somehow :D
the 1st round i ran my fastest ever at 2minutes exactly!
uber cool haha.
started the 1st round with all the 3F guys in front and only sharon amongst them, then all the 3F girls lagged o.O
2nd round then got ppl overtake me. lol was quite shocked.
then again i think i chionged too much in the first round -.- was kinda dying after the 2nd rd zzz.
Thank God for the mini miracle that lasted me till the end. yay :D

2 As and 4 Bs = GOLD :D

another mini-miracle during LA lesson.
we are the last of the 2 groups presenting NEXT WEEK :D
it may be monday but im not complaining. we havent even done half of our script, and i just had chinese tuition and im gonna have math tuition again later.
gonna return home dead beat no energy left for anything.
napfa + 2 tuitions in a day ):
year 4 life scary 不 scary? o:
Monday, May 3, 2010 10:54 PM
i am feeling kind of freaked out.
apparently, mr freaky is doing some secret stuff which "has something to do with" me, has "direct relation" to me and i'll "see 8 days later".

it. is. kind. of. disturbing.
Sunday, May 2, 2010 10:52 PM
I feel like pulling out my hair now.
i am freaking pissed,
firstly, i can't enjoy possibly my last campfire, and now this.

why does it have to end this way huh.

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